Money isn't the only key to opening doors in life.

Create an influential network connected to your goals.

Put your networking on autopilot by joining our membership community where you will define the Legacy you want to achieve and create a strategic network to get there. 

Guided by our four-part W.I.N.E. framework course, you will transform into a relationship-building expert and build key allies around your dreams. 

PLUS, you'll get access to entertaining social events in London or online, be kept accountable with challenges and mastermind groups and join a community of ambitious women!

PERFECT if you want to:
*Join a supportive community
*Become an influential connector
*Open doors to new opportunities
*Create a confident personal brand

We want to give you an intimate experience, so spaces are LIMITED for our initial launch. So sign up quick!

You're craving community, feeling lonely and frustrated. 

You want to build your own network, but you lack the confidence. 

You're connecting with people but don't move any further forward.


You're ambitious and excited about your future but get overlooked when opportunities arise.

You've tried and failed to grow your network and sphere of influence before. 

But you keep trying because you understand that "It's not what you know, it's who you know!"

But things don't go the way you imagined. You might start thinking "Is it me? Am I too awkward?"

You become deflated and unmotivated. You vow never to attend a networking event AGAIN.

You feel like other people are taking shortcuts. They have contacts and mentors that seem to open door after door for them. But you feel like you're taking the long road totally ALONE...



Here's What's Included:

Regular themed social events for the whole community

Wine tasting, performances, quizzes, games. We've got it all!

A chance to introduce and promote yourself to fellow members.

Let your hair down and never wonder where you will meet new people.

Our next social event will include a Magic Show & Cocktail making class 🍸

The opportunity to book yourself as a guest speaker in the group training or on our popular Wine Wednesday online talk show.

My EXCLUSIVE signature W.I.N.E framework

The only framework you need to become a super-networker.

Includes 4 key steps, each with a video and worksheet to walk you through them step by step.

A collection of carefully curated resources providing tons of information to continue succeeding.

Networking Challenge Call 

A monthly Zoom video call with one of our incredible expert guests.

Masterclasses based on one of the W.I.N.E framework topics.

Our next guest expert will teach us how to use Instagram to Network & build relationships <3
A networking challenge that encourages you to advance and improve your networking skills.

Membership includes full access to all previous recordings in our resource vault.

Community Spaces & Mastermind Group

Create your own space within the community (based on location, industry, interests, etc.)

 Start conversations with like-minded members.

Mastermind Space:
Opt-in to our Mastermind Space and you plus three other hand picked members get to join forces each month. You'll establish and strengthen connections, collectively plan and achieve your goals.

Referrals corner: get referred or give referrals for spectacular services and products.

What is W.I.N.E.?


Winning Mindset

- Change your mindset about networking.

- Build confidence and solidify your strengths.

- Owning the essence of your unique story.


Intriguing Personal Brand

- Your networking style and image.

- Passion pitch.

- Building credibility.


Networking Strategies

- Goals you can achieve through networking.

- Auditing your network.

- Network building and strategic contacts.


Executing Consistently

- Continuously finding networking opportunities.

- Automating networking activities.

- Solidifying relationships over time.

At this point, you might be wondering who I am .... 

My name is Sarah Shotton and I've been working with people for years on how best to build relationships in business. I also relied on networking to help me rebuild my life and business here in the UK after relocating from California. 

My background is in Business development and consulting which has allowed me to experience the power of relationship building and notice the lack of effort made by our generation to effectively harness this soft skill. 

My goal as always been to merge business and pleasure which is exactly what we're doing here at the Legacy Network. 

We want connecting to be fun, let's throw away any expectations or schmoozing and enjoy the people in your circle while creating a strategy for how you can influence that relationship towards your goals in life. 

There is so much magic that can happen when you are intentional and confident about networking and I am here to help you do that. 

Hope to connect with you soon x


Here's What You Get:

 🍷 W.I.N.E Framework course (worth £249)

🍷 Social calls to promote yourself and your business (PLUS priceless referrals)

🍷  Challenge calls with exciting guest speakers (PLUS expert advice)

🍷  A Mastermind group & spaces to connect (yaaaasssss!!)


🍷Passion Pitch Perfection course (worth £39)

🍷 A 1-to-1 networking strategy call with me (worth £79)


Join us for only:


Join NOW for an early bird discount of:


*Price locked for the whole length of your membership!

Or SAVE with a one-time annual subscription:


*Includes annual discount


Access to the platform & W.I.N.E framework course

FREE 1-to-1 networking strategy call with me!

What are you waiting for?!


Will I have access to everything straight away?
You'll gain our W.I.N.E framework course, Passion Pitch perfection course and more immediately. The live challenge calls and social calls take place monthly. You get access to this for the entire duration of your subscription.
What if I can't make the live challenge and social calls?
Don't worry, all guest expert challenge calls are recorded. You'll have access to them on the platform so you can watch them at your disposal. The social calls are only available live, make sure you don't miss out!
I'm so busy, I really don't know if I have time for this.  How much of my time will it take?
I completely understand your situation. I'm a busy full-time worker, and if I can make time for networking, so can you!

You only need to commit to a minimum of one hour per week to see the difference.

One hour per week to join a call, dip into the W.I.N.E framework, complete the monthly challenge or execute your learnings. This will be time well spent to build your dream network which will pave a path to success in the future.
Will I need to use any specific software to access the community?
Yes. The community is hosted on the Mighty Networks platform. You'll get the access link after your sign up. Download the app so you can keep up to date with the community or join calls even when you're on the go!

When can I access the bonuses?
You get access to the bonuses as soon as the community opens in June. You'll find them inside the member platform area.
How is the Legacy Network different from other memberships?
Most membership communities provide an overwhelming amount of resources, but underwhelming community interaction.

With Legacy Network, you will learn the framework for becoming a super networker. But you'll also get the chance to put your new skills into action. Meet new people, promote yourself, form strong bonds.

The more you put in, the more you get out. My job is to help you form new connections and expose you to experts who can teach us new skills. - All Rights Reserved | Copyright 2021
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